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Chicken Roosters - the authentic taste of grilled chicken

Healthy and delicious grilled chicken

Over the past years, we in Roosters Chicken Restaurant have been able to gain a wide reputation not only in Jeddah but throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Roosters Chicken Restaurant located in Jeddah offers grilled chicken meals on charcoal with a variety of delicious items starting from salads, appetizers and chicken sandwiches to family dishes, and do not forget the special children's meals, natural drinks and delicious desserts. Grilled chicken in Jeddah.

We aim to expand and transform into a franchise brand. This cannot be achieved without the extensive experience of our administrative staff, who were able to easily transform the idea of ​​grilled chicken from a popular dish to a casual one that everyone loves.

Taste the most delicious taste of grilled chicken in Jeddah

At Roosters Restaurant - Jeddah, we are keen to select the menu with great care. We use the best and even the best types of chicken in preparing main and secondary dishes such as salads and appetizers, while providing the most distinguished desserts to meet the requirements and desires of all family members.

In our restaurant, chicken is marinated daily with carefully selected fresh herbs. All our sauces are fresh, homemade, free of preservatives and prepared by the best chefs in Jeddah.

We work hard to meet the tastes of our customers with regard to choosing the right grilled chicken meal for them. If you are a sandwich lover, you can choose from a selection of grilled chicken sandwiches upon request, served with the best types of bread such as pita bread, brioche bread or tortilla bread with delicious homemade sauces.

And as we are always keen to provide healthy, balanced and satiating food to our customers, we are working to serve a plate of delicious green salad with all main meals, and you can also order from our selection of distinctive salads, such as Caesar salad served with slices of grilled chicken on charcoal or the horiyatiki salad with a slice of Greek feta cheese and a mixture Oregano with olive oil is delicious as a side dish to your main dish of grilled chicken cooked on a moving grill in sight.

As for the appetizers, we at Roosters restaurants for families in Jeddah are keen to offer a variety of the most delicious, best, and even the best appetizers ever, starting from grilled chicken wings and chicken balls covered with mozzarella cheese and served with sweet and chili sauce, to French fries or the special Roosters potatoes with cheese and jalapeno.

Enjoy the most beautiful family gatherings in Jeddah with Chicken Roosters

We at Roosters Chicken Restaurant know how difficult it is to find a restaurant with family sessions in Jeddah, so we were keen to provide a special area in the restaurant for families to enjoy the most beautiful family atmosphere and spend an unforgettable time of fun and entertainment.

What prevents you from visiting our grilled chicken restaurant in Jeddah?

We were able to get high ratings from our customers regarding the delicious taste, the innovative idea of ​​serving grilled chicken, and the modern design of the restaurant. If you are looking for the best family restaurant in Jeddah that offers grilled chicken on charcoal that is unmatched in terms of taste, quality and quick and distinguished services, do not hesitate to visit our restaurant located in Jeddah - Al-Zahraa area - Ahmed Al-Attas Street.

Or you can contact us on the following number to inquire more about our grilled chicken meals: 966122750090

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